Your art gets plenty of likes and nice comments. But what about sales?

Look past the feel good for a second and consider that those likes and comments are mostly from friends, family and others who are also trying to sell their art. Are those people likely to buy your art? Well, maybe Mom might buy something. What we need is qualified buyers--people with buying intent. We need potential buyers clicking through to our art. But how?

I have been there. Countless posts on different social media sites had cost me lots of time and effort with hardly any results. Nothing really worked until I discovered (by accident) the huge potential of a site that I mostly ignored: Pinterest. Did you know that 55% of Pinterest users use the site to look for things to buy? Wow! Plug me into that!

How do we access this vast potential? Yes, I had a Pinterest account, but I had no idea what I was doing. Like a dog on a bone, I dove in and learned all I could learn. Let me now shorten your learning curve so you too can get the right eyes on your art!

In the first chapter of my course I will describe in detail why I fell in love with Pinterest (Hint: I made $442 in art sales on Fine Art America in one day) and why it changed everything. You can read this chapter (and some others) for free, just click here and enjoy your Free Trial (no credit card required)!

Sick of wasting your time with social media?

Struggling with ‘promoting’ your art on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and investing hour after hour of your time without seeing any sales pour in? Most people are on Facebook to connect with their friends -- or watch those cute cat videos.

They are not in a buying mood most of the times so your promos may just disturb them.

Are you using Instagram? Great app, love it. I always get lots of nice hearts and even some comments when I post a new pic. But did you check how many people click through your Artist Website? Almost no one.

On the other hand, did you know that 87% of pinners have purchased something they saw on Pinterest (Source: Millward Brown)? This is amazing! People use Pinterest to get inspired, they collect pins to help them with their purchasing decisions. Brands are really welcome on Pinterest and Home Decor is one of the most popular categories.

What you will get

  • A complete step-by-step course

  • Learn how to be found in Pinterest search by creating great descriptions (for your pins, boards, profile etc.)

  • Find out how to make great pins that get saved into many boards from your potential buyers

  • Leverage the power of Group Boards to gain real traction

  • Get more visitors (and eventually more sales) for your art

  • There is much more you will get, scroll down to read the whole Course Curriculum!

How would it feel to get great sales, again and again?

After I started to take Pinterest seriously, I had a couple of very nice sales during the Holiday shopping season 2016, here are a few of them:

A revenue of $744.03 from online sales (via Fine Art America) in less than three weeks was nothing I experienced in my Pre-Pinterest age. Had it been easy to get these results? Heck no! I invested lots of time in reading everything I could find and trying out many different things. I felt stuck several times because some of the articles I found online were full of outdated, inaccurate or even completely wrong information. To put it politely, they were well-meant and probably a fit for bloggers, but of very little help in selling art with Pinterest.

It took me months to write down everything I know, condense and rewrite it and put in a logical order. I had an editor and some beta testers that helped me test and refine the course. Dozens of Fine Art America Artists trusted me enough to buy the finished course so you will be in good company if you decide to join them. These are some of their testimonials:

Testimonials from course students

“The course is easy to understand and interesting to read! I would recommend this Course to anyone who wants to learn how to use Pinterest as a powerful tool in marketing. Thank you very much, Matthias, for the great lessons!”

Photographer / FAA Artist

Evgeniya Lystsova

“You have me brimming with enthusiasm to try out your ideas! I am enjoying the course and think it will help a lot of people! Since I started following your course and advice, my average daily impressions are up 177% and my average daily users are up 294%. My average monthly viewers are up 494% and my average monthly engaged is up 404%.”


William Tasker

“The course is a complete step by step guide. All those free materials online come in pieces. I looked for many and could not find one which would guide me through everything step by step. I have received what I was hoping for: an affordable course with a full step by step guide.”


Medea Ioseliani

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Chapter 1: Why Pinterest?
    Show details
  • 03
    Chapter 3: Boards and pins (the basics)
    Show details
    • Lesson 1: The anatomy of a pin
    • Lesson 2: How to create your first boards
    • Lesson 3: Organize your boards with Sections
    • Lesson 4: Pinning and repinning
    • Lesson 5: Using Hashtags
    • Lesson 6: Pinning Best Practice
  • 04
    Chapter 4: The power of Group Boards
    Show details
    • Lesson 1: Group boards, the basics and why they are important
    • Lesson 2: Group boards, how to find and join the best ones
  • 05
    Chapter 5: Intermezzo
    Show details
    • Ask yourself: What is your goal on Pinterest?
  • 06
    Chapter 6: Pinterest Advanced
    Show details
    • Lesson 1: The perfect pin
    • Lesson 2: Rich pins and why you want to have them
  • 07
    Chapter 7: How to get more of all
    Show details
    • Lesson 1: How to get more repins
    • Lesson 2: How to get more followers
    • Lesson 3: How to get more visitors for your art
  • 08
    Chapter 8: Crunching the numbers
    Show details
    • Lesson 1: Pinterest Analytics
    • Lesson 2: Your Pin Stats
  • 09
    Chapter 9: Pinterest Schedulers
    Show details
    • Tailwind, BoardBooster and what they can do for you
  • 10
    Chapter 10: The action starts now!
    Show details
    • Lesson 1: Your Pinterest action plan
    • Lesson 2: Pinning Strategy
    • Lesson 3: Final words
  • 11
    Chapter 11: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    Show details
    • Pinterest Marketing for Artists: The complete FAQ

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